Monday, July 23, 2007

Where's ya bin?

Been moving house! Starting to settle in now, but the new studio isn't quite there yet.

Theres' a few weeks of Life Drawing to come, but some news, since my last post the Waverley Art Prize has happened, I had two works hung and this one got me a Highly Commended!

And this one will be hung in the forthcoming 2007 Mosman Art prize

I'm feeling quite blessed.


A Reason to Paint said...

At last! I've been waiting on this post - a big well deserved congratulations to you Simon. I really really like that bottom one:)

My only worry is that all these successes are going to make you so darn busy you won't ever get around to painting the surf wagon!

life-draw said...

:) Definitely on the to-do list ARTP, thanks for the congrats.

Looking forward to getting properly organised and stuck in!

The Painted Sky said...

I really like the car painting :)

life-draw said...

Cheers Jim. That means a lot.