Sunday, October 14, 2007

My Big Deal

My big deal for the year is that I am now with Sydney gallery Frances Keevil.

...and better still, my car paintings of this year will be exhibited at her Art Sydney 07 stand, B7.

Oct 26-28. See link for more details.

So if you're heading in, keep an eye out!


A Reason to Paint said...

That is a big deal Simon; I knew it was going to happen pretty soon for you. Congratulations I hope it all goes well :)

life-draw said...

Cheers, fingers crossed.

Daniel Sanger said...

congrats! You so deserve it! You're going to be big!

life-draw said...

Cheers Daniel. I sold 3 in the end, which is a bonus, the exposure and feedback was great, but most of all the experience.

Best of luck with your opening.