Saturday, April 12, 2008

Babe I'm on Fire (Off topic - My Favourite Music Video)

Nick Cave and the Bad Seeds - Babe I'm on Fire.
I just found this on a video hosting site, always knew it was too long for youtube. For some years now it's pretty safe to say this has been my favourite music video. I can't imagine ever tiring of it. Directed by John Hillcoat (Ghosts of the Civil Dead, The Proposition). I have it on a DVD and many times after a night of painting I sit and watch it to wind down before bed, there's something in it for everybody. Have to say a highlight is "The old Rock and Roller with the two seater stroller". See for yourself. (Language and vulgarity warning)

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This Painting Life said...

Got to love "Sir Nick"! I can't get enough of 'Red Right Hand' myself and even better 'Stegger Lee" that is just a powerhouse!